MOOC 7 - 2021, "Introduction to the management of urban sustainable mobility"

MOOC 7 - 2021, "Introduction to the management of urban sustainable mobility"

We convened this 7th MOOC course with the background of the previous 6 courses and with very good evaluations by the 2,000 students who have participated in them. The previous two editions of the course, the 5th and 6th, have received a rating of 9.2 and 8.6 out of 10, respectively.

As on previous occasions, the objective of this course is to disseminate the basic principles of sustainable mobility, a management approach to mobility that is so necessary in our cities that are still dominated by the car.

The course is aimed at: Professionals, workers in the mobility sector and citizens with an interest in knowing the principles of how a city should manage its mobility in a sustainable way, that is, in a way compatible with the preservation of health, with social equity, in an economic way and that fight effectively against pollution and climate change.

Methodology. On-line through our e-learning platform (moodle). It includes a series of videoconferences that are detailed later.

The evaluation will be carried out by tests on each topic and there will be a final evaluation consisting of the presentation of a 10-page work on a topic that will be reported at the beginning of the course. It will be mandatory to attend a minimum number of videoconferences or view them later. The videoconferences will be recorded and the students will be able to access them as many times as they wish.

Languages: although the notes will be in Catalan and Spanish, the language of conferences and debates will be Spanish.

Duration: 36 hours.

Calendar: From April 7 to June 22, 2021

Course program

T1. Basic parameters of sustainable mobility
T2. Oil-Crash, the finiteness of resources and resilience strategies
T3. Energy consumption of each mode of transport
T4. Transport cost systems
T5. Efficient vehicles, Euro regulations and alternative drives
T6. The city of 15 minutes. General urban planning strategy to achieve sustainable mobility
T7. The roadmap of the mobility manager in a city. Sustainable urban displacement plan, SUMP
T8. Public transport networks. Characteristics and principles
T9. How to get a bikeable city
T10. The walkable city
T11. Car sharing systems
T12. Sustainable access to work and study centers

The list of videoconferences of the course is as follows:

  1. Presentation of the course and the basic parameters of sustainable mobility
  2. Energy in transport
  3. The city of 15 minutes
  4. The roadmap of the Mobility Manager in a city and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
  5. Public transport systems. A single network
  6. The bikeable city
  7. The city on foot
  8. How to share a car
  9. Sustainable access to work and study centers

The course allows two monitoring modalities.

Modality 1. It only allows viewing of the lessons, but not active participation in the course, through videoconferences and discussion forums, or receiving an accrediting diploma. This modality is free, at no cost to the student

Modality 2. In addition to viewing the lessons, it allows the active participation of the student in the videoconferences and the course forum, which gives the right to the evaluation of the student and to receive a diploma of achievement. This method involves a single and modest payment of 40 EUR.

Scholarships Due to territorial income criteria, students residing in a Latin American country may request a scholarship. They will be able to do it in the registration form and they must present the argumentative basis of their request.

The entry must be made before April 6 in these two ways:

  • PayPal, in the accoun (It is the recommended payment system for students from outside Spain)
  • By deposit in the Caixabank account, code: IBAN ES82 2100 0468 0802 0038 0025 in the name of Fundacio MSS.

In the subject of payment, the NAME OF THE STUDENT making the deposit must always be indicated.

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To receive more information about this course, write to with the word MOOC7 in the headline.

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