2nd course MOOC 2020 free online, URGENT, "Introduction to a new social, sustainable and stationary economic model"

2nd course MOOC 2020 free online, URGENT, "Introduction to a new social, sustainable and stationary economic model"

Given the circumstances of confinement of many of us, due to the global pandemic of COVID19, we have decided, from a collaboration between the association revo Prosperidad Sostenible and the Fundación Mobilitat Sostenible i Segura, to urgently organize this second edition of this course. It is undoubtedly a good option to combat the tedium of confinement.

As in the previous 2016 academic year, the objective of this one is to present the theoretical bases of a new economic model, alternative to the current one, which must necessarily be stationary, therefore sustainable and socially fair. This new model is essential to stop the climate crisis and to achieve a fairer world and local order in the distribution of wealth.

The course is aimed at: scientists, political scientists, economists, engineers, biologists, environmentalologists and many other professions with an interest in changing the economic model. But it is also aimed at any citizen who has an interest in delving into these issues.

Methodology. On-line through our e-learning platform (moodle). Include at least two videoconferences, one at the beginning and one at the end of the course. But exceptionally we are going to try to make several of monographic content. We will inform those enrolled.

Evaluation. It will be done by tests in each topic and there will be a final evaluation. Languages ​​of written materials that for urgent reasons this time are only written in Spanish. In the next edition, with more time to come, we will return to Catalan / Spanish bilingualism

Duration: 30 hours.

Calendar: From April 2 to 15, 2020.

Includes certificate of completion of the course in electronic format.

For those interested in taking the course, we include the corresponding links:

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