Bicycle Management Course towards sustainable cities

 sustainable cities

From the Fundació Mobilitat Sostenible i Segura, thanks to funding from the Barcelona City Council, we present this course on Bicycle Management in the city with sustainable mobility criteria.

After 13 years working to promote sustainable mobility and promoting training projects, with this course we want to cover the need for more specialized training in bicycle management, a sustainable way that despite the increase in its use in cities, requires still very supportive and specific training due to its peculiarities.

The introduction of the bicycle in the city is a public policy that favors kinder, more convivial cities, with healthier people, with less pollution and less energy consumption. It also helps to create quality public space and to rationalize the use of motor vehicles.

To be successful, mobility management requires a clear roadmap that must include the approval of courageous measures and projects that are developed in the long term. Because of this, it is essential to keep professionals informed and trained.

The course is aimed at professionals from all sectors who want to know the management tools, benefits, regulations and opportunities that urban cycling offers in a context of sustainable mobility policies. As well as councilors, mayors and technicians of municipalities eager to promote the bike in their city.

Duration: 75 hours

Methodology: Online through the e.learning platform, one videoconference per module and various videos presenting topics. In addition to a practical, voluntary and face-to-face session in Barcelona at the end of the course.

Languages: Spanish and Catalan.

Teaching staff: Pau Noy and Belén Calahorro

Enrollment: € 200

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